Executive Team

Stacie Zinn Roberts, Founder & President

Stacie is a nationally recognized award-winng writer, speaker, radio host and marketing expert. The winner of more than 40 regional and national awards for writing, marketing and public relations campaigns, Stacie has published more than 1,500 by-lined articles. As creator of the What’s Your Avocado? concept, Stacie understands that every person, every product and every company has something about them that makes them unique. Her mission in creating What’s Your Avocado? is to guide others to realize their business and personal goals by helping them identify and tell the world about their unique talents, benefits and capabilities. 

Cynthia Levesque, Brand Strategist/Commercial Artist

As a brand strategist and graphic designer, Cynthia Levesque combines a firm knowledge of the importance of a strong brand, with the creativity and expertise to create designs that capture the essence of a company or product. Want to see an example of her work? It’s right here on this page. Cynthia created the What’s Your Avocado? logo. Her innovative, award-winning designs offer our clients the opportunity to represent themselves and their companies through authentic and targeted visuals.

Sabine Konhaueser, Web Developer

Sabine is an accomplished technology professional specializing in web development having done projects ranging form Fortune 1000 companies to small business organizations. Regardless of size of the company or industry, Sabine is well respected and known for her attention to detail, quality of work, delivering on time and in budget and being a team player. Sabine specializes in Wordpress driven sites. She has a passion for photography and is an award winning photographer published in various magazines.