With a Little Help from My Friends

This blog post and episode of Live Your Passion TV is a bit different than usual. I’ve got some fun and exciting information to share. But I also have a favor or two to ask. It’s interactive TV, today, friends. I hope you’ll indulge me …

I don’t want to spoil the surprises unveiled here but let’s just say that if you have a bookstore in your area that you feel would benefit from carrying my new book, How to Live Your Passion & Fulfill Your Dreams, we’ve now got a way to bring the book to your neighborhood retailer. … Read the rest…

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Share the Love

What I didn’t realize four years ago when I set out to write my book, How to Live Your Passion & Fulfill Your Dreams, was how humbling yet uplifting it would feel to share the book with others.

Writing is a solitary experience. You toil for years on an idea, conducting research, interviewing people, taking notes and editing, editing, editing. (It’s something I’m driven to do, and I love it. Please don’t misunderstand that. I am a writer. Next to breathing, it’s pretty much the thing I do as a reflex, as a verification that I am actually alive … Read the rest…

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Sometimes a Girl’s Gotta Buy Her Own Damn Horse

Sometimes a girl’s just gotta buy her own damn horse! Self-reliance. Resiliency. The ability to advocate for oneself. These are the qualities that make a good business owner. Sarah Coble, owner of Hippik Equestrain Art, explains these concepts and more on this episode of Live Your Passion TV with Stacie Zinn Roberts. … Read the rest…

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A Running Passion

Martin Goode has dedicated his life to the sport of running. After 8 Boston Marathons, he still coaches kids and lives his passion.… Read the rest…

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Create a Plan

I sincerely believe that 2014 is going to be a great year. Do you feel it? Do you have big hopes and aspirations for the New Year? Is so, what have you done to ensure that this year will be the year that your dreams come true? Do you have a plan for the year ahead? … Read the rest…

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The Coolest Thing About My Job

The coolest thing about my job is that I get to meet and talk with my heroes. On this episode of Live Your Passion TV, I interview a women whom I feel is one of the greatest singer- songwriters working today. And you probably haven’t heard of her—yet.

Antje Duvekot is one of folk music’s rising stars. With a haunting voice and thought-provoking lyrics, Antje’s songs tell stories and take you on emotional journeys, all while combining that VOICE and melodies that stay in your head for days.

Born in Germany, at the age of 13 Antje Duvekot was transplanted … Read the rest…

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A Practice of Gratitude

What does it mean to be truly grateful? Is it enough to be grateful when things go well? How about being grateful when life is challenging, when we don’t get what we want? Can we experience gratitude then, too?

And why is gratitude, as a practice, not just as a word, so important?

I can tell you from my own experience that there was a time in my life that I did not feel grateful. I felt impatient that my life wasn’t going the way I had planned. I felt bitter at rejection. I felt envy toward others who’s lives … Read the rest…

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One Thing We Have in Common

After more than 20 years as a journalist conducting roughly 3,000 interviews with artists, celebrities and entrepreneurs, it is apparent to me that we all have one thing in common: our humanity. No matter how successful people become, no matter how rich or famous or experienced in their given field, everyone I have spoken to had a moment in their lives when they had doubts. Everyone recalls a time when they wondered how they could be so bold to think they were special enough to do something extraordinary.

If we all have the same fears, what is it that makes … Read the rest…

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Unexpected Wonders

I’m sitting in our backyard on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. The sun is shining. My bare feet tickled in the grass, sunglasses shade my eyes as I type this. There’s a slight breeze. From my vantage point on the hill above our hometown, I can see the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. It’s pretty idyllic.

As I sit here basking in the glow of all this beauty, our cat, Penny, runs by with a live bird in her mouth.

At first I’m horrified. Then, I laugh out loud.

Here I am writing a perfect scene and real life … Read the rest…

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When The Moment Arrives

You may have noticed that earlier this month, I launched Live Your Passion Radio. And launching a national radio show, my friends, is quite the undertaking.  Setting up a studio. Scheduling interviews. Learning audio editing software. Whew. There are a lot of steps in there. All of it really, really, really cool. But still, a lot. And, it’s kind of a big deal in my life—one that began, believe it or not, when I was 17-years-old. But before I take you back to high school, let me first explain how this whole thing came about.

About two months ago, … Read the rest…

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