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August 16, 2016: Stanwood Camano News

Golf returned to the Olympics in August after a 112-year absence. Learn how the team at What’s Your Avocado? Marketing & Public relations played a part in the publicity and education around the building of the Olympic Golf Course!

Here’s an excerpt: While commentators and sports writers will eventually tell the story of golf’s return to the Olympics through the eyes of the players, a small marketing and public relations firm located in Mount Vernon has been working hard to tell the story of something most spectators might take for granted: the grass the Read the rest…

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Stacie Zinn Roberts & What’s Your Avocado? Win 5 National Writing & Marketing Awards

May 12, 2016, Omaha, NE: Last week in Omaha, Stacie Zinn Roberts, head writer and marketing strategist for marketing firm What’s Your Avocado?, based in Mount Vernon, WA, was honored with 5 national awards for writing and marketing campaigns.

The awards were presented at the 27th annual meeting of the Turf & Ornamental Communicators Association (TOCA). There were more than 400 domestic and international entries in this year’s contest.

Roberts was awarded one Merit award, three First Place awards, and the prestigious Gardner Award that regonizes “the best of the best” of the competition.

Stacie Zinn Roberts won the … Read the rest…

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How to Survive Holiday Travel Stress

by Stacie Zinn Roberts

As many of us do during the holidays, I recently drove myself to the airport. I left the house at 5:30 a.m., (the butt crack of dawn), to make an 8:30 flight. The drive to Seattle airport should have taken a little over an hour that time of day.  But weather, traffic congestion, whatever clogs I-5, made the drive a full two hours.

120 minutes.


I felt my anxiety start to build as my car crawled through downtown traffic, knowing by then I was still at least a half-hour from my target. But rather than … Read the rest…

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How to Get Out of a Bad Situation – What you can learn from a cat up a tree

By Stacie Zinn Roberts

Early this morning, our cat, Penny, got herself stuck up high in a tree. My husband, Rob, found her, mewling and crying in loud, pitiful howls. The tree was a tall, young cedar that Rob had limbed up well above our roofline. She’d climbed so high up into the leafy tree canopy, the only indication she was there at all was an orange tail flicking amongst the greenery—that, and of course, the howling.

Rob climbed the tree and tried to grab her but screamed out in a wail that only cats can make, and she hissed … Read the rest…

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What’s Your Avocado? Wins 4 National TOCA Awards

Mount Vernon-based writing and marketing firm What’s Your Avocado?, and company president Stacie Zinn Roberts, were honored recently with four national awards for writing and marketing campaigns from TOCA, the Turf & Ornamental Communicators Association, at the organization’s 26th Annual Meeting held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Roberts won a First Place marketing/communications writing award for Best Feature Article, “Seeding a Sodded Variety,” that ran in the October 2014 issue of Sports Turf magazine. The article, written and placed in the publication for client Sod Solutions, featured an interview with Billy Findley, head groundskeeper for the St. Louis Cardinals Major League … Read the rest…

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How a New Haircut (& Everything Else) is About Marketing

Marketing is about more than just advertising. It’s about creating a perception. Find out how in this article that I wrote for PR Daily, the leading blog for PR and marketing professionals …

How a New Haircut (& Everything Else) is About Marketing

by Stacie Zinn Roberts

I got a haircut last week. My stylist lopped off eight inches of hair. Eight inches.

I sucked in my breath when she handed me the first wet, orphaned clump. Too late now, I said, as she kept right on snipping. She shaped my formerly long, somewhat unruly auburn locks into a sassy, … Read the rest…

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How to Write a Killer Lead

Writing is hard. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not. Writing well is even harder. Throw in the challenge of a dry subject matter, and the task can be downright excruciating. Unless  you know the secret …

I recently wrote a Guest Blog pos titled How to Write a Killer Lead for Spin Sucks, the nationally recognized expert blog for communications professionals—you know, writers, PR pros, branding and ad creation gurus. In my article, I reveal my secret for making even the most seemingly boring topic enticing.

Click Here to read the full article at Spin Sucks


Read the rest…

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Bucket List

My friend Seth is going to the World Series. He’s ecstatic. He called yesterday to talk business, but what he really wanted to tell me was that he was going to watch his team, the Kansas City Royals, from right field of his home stadium. He really couldn’t believe it was happening to him. Going to any World Series, he said, was on his sports bucket list. Not his general list. His sports bucket list. I didn’t know you could have niche lists in the bucket list department, but there you go.

Which got me thinking. Hmm… I don’t have … Read the rest…

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5 Ways to Be Happy Now


I recently wrote a guest blog for Spin Sucks, (as in media spin), a nationally recognized blog for communication professionals—writers, public relations practitioners, advertising folks. Though the blog was geared to that community, the message is universal. Everyone wants to be happy in their daily lives. Not everyone is. The point of my article was this: Rather than looking to outside sources to find a bit more happiness in your life (such as earning a promotion, landing a new client, or winning the lottery so you can ditch the day job), I recommend five steps you can take now to … Read the rest…

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A Concert in Your Living Room

The first time I heard about house concerts, I was in a panic. I’d just learned that my favorite singer, Antje Duvekot, was coming to Seattle, and I had a conflict on the night of her show. I checked her website calendar and read that she was also playing a “private show” in Seattle that same week, so I reached out to the person hosting it. Turns out, the night before she was scheduled to sing on a big stage, she’d perform in the living room of a private home. Only 50 seats were available. And I scored two of … Read the rest…

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