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Unexpected Wonders

I’m sitting in our backyard on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. The sun is shining. My bare feet tickled in the grass, sunglasses shade my eyes as I type this. There’s a slight breeze. From my vantage point on the hill above our hometown, I can see the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. It’s pretty idyllic.

As I sit here basking in the glow of all this beauty, our cat, Penny, runs by with a live bird in her mouth.

At first I’m horrified. Then, I laugh out loud.

Here I am writing a perfect scene and real life … Read the rest…

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The Will to Succeed

I have a poster on my office wall from a company I admire. Lululemon Athletica is based in Vancouver, Canada, and creates athletic wear for women. But they don’t just sell just clothing, they sell an idea. And that idea is that we are all powerful, that we have the strength, the spark within us, to be who we want to be. There are a lot of truisms packed into this poster, but the one that stands out to me today says this:

Successful people replace the words “wish”, “should” & “try” with “I WILL”.

This “I WILL” statement leaves … Read the rest…

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Emotion is Key to Telling Your Business Story

Making an emotional connection just might be the key to success in business … and in life. Find out how important emotion is to telling your business story in this quick video from Stacie Zinn Roberts and What’s Your Avocado?



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Take Note

I admit that I am a compulsive note taker. I’m sure it springs from my 20+ years as a journalist. When you get paid to ask people questions, it’s certain that they expect you to write down what they say. So, I do.

The note taking isn’t reserved, however, for the forum of interviewer-interviewee. Nah. It’s way past that.

In organizational meetings, I take copious notes. Even when not asked. So, invariably, I am the one who sends out the minutes. I’ve got them anyway. Why not?

When the phone rings, I automatically open up my notebook to a crisp … Read the rest…

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An Involuntary Check Out

It started with a cough. Not a clearing of the throat gentle kind of cough. No, this was a deep down from the depths of the lungs kind of rumble that caused me to pause and think “uh-oh” kind of cough. It appeared on a Friday night as if by magic at 30,000 feet on the airplane back to Seattle after five productively hectic days at a conference in San Diego. I coughed again. The lady in the middle seat beside me squirmed. Oh no.

By the time I landed, body aches had set in. Something wicked was coming this … Read the rest…

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A Place to Heal

I recently had the rare privilege to visit a place dedicated to healing those who have given so much for the sake of others. American Lake Veterans Golf Course is a rehabilitation center for veterans returning from war. Many have lost arms or legs, but they haven’t lost the dignity of the human spirit. I am proud to share with you this story:

 … Read the rest…

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The Question that Could Change Your Life

It’s that time of year again when we all consider our New Year’s resolutions. Some of us will resolve to lose weight, quit smoking, or save more money. These are all legitimate resolutions and worthy pursuits.

But are they enough?

The New Year offers us more than just an excuse to quit an unhealthy habit. If we truly think about it, the New Year gives us the opportunity to take a good, hard look at our lives and decide if we are living the life we really want to live. We are all responsible for the choices we make and … Read the rest…

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One Degree of Separation

It’s said that every person in the world is just six degrees of separation from every other person in the world. The idea is that if you wanted to meet someone, you’re only six steps away, by introduction, from anyone else on the planet. We’re just that connected. You could literally meet anyone, anywhere, if you asked a friend, who asked a friend, then a friend of that friend, until you reached the desired person.

But what about those smaller degrees? Yes, we’re all interconnected, but we’re more closely connected to some than others.

If there are more than 7 … Read the rest…

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A Room Full of Smart People

In marketing, and in life in general, I believe it’s critical to surround yourself with people who know things that you don’t know. It’s what I call my “Room Full of Smart People” rule. Let me illustrate. You’re sitting in a room full of folks who have come together for a meeting and it soon becomes completely obvious that you’re the only one there who knows anything about the subject matter. Oh boy. So, instead of a conversation, it soon becomes a question and answer period, a picking of your brain, a monologue. No fun, right? You might as well … Read the rest…

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The What’s Your Avocado? Story

When I tell people I’ve just launched a new writing, marketing and personal empowerment company called What’s Your Avocado?, I get one of three responses:

  1. “Oh, that’s cool!”
  2. A tilt of the head, as if to say, “Huh?”
  3. Or, they come right out and ask me, “How’d you come up with that?”

And so, in case of all three eventualities, and for the benefit of readers who for sure are experiencing one of the three above, (cool, head tilt or how/what?), for my first blog post here I’ll tell you the story.

A little over two years ago, I was … Read the rest…

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