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How to Write a Killer Lead

Writing is hard. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not. Writing well is even harder. Throw in the challenge of a dry subject matter, and the task can be downright excruciating. Unless  you know the secret …

I recently wrote a Guest Blog pos titled How to Write a Killer Lead for Spin Sucks, the nationally recognized expert blog for communications professionals—you know, writers, PR pros, branding and ad creation gurus. In my article, I reveal my secret for making even the most seemingly boring topic enticing.

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5 Ways to Be Happy Now


I recently wrote a guest blog for Spin Sucks, (as in media spin), a nationally recognized blog for communication professionals—writers, public relations practitioners, advertising folks. Though the blog was geared to that community, the message is universal. Everyone wants to be happy in their daily lives. Not everyone is. The point of my article was this: Rather than looking to outside sources to find a bit more happiness in your life (such as earning a promotion, landing a new client, or winning the lottery so you can ditch the day job), I recommend five steps you can take now to … Read the rest…

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Emotion is Key to Telling Your Business Story

Making an emotional connection just might be the key to success in business … and in life. Find out how important emotion is to telling your business story in this quick video from Stacie Zinn Roberts and What’s Your Avocado?



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Why Everything is About Marketing

Everything is about marketing. I had this discussion the other day with Leanne Zinn-Cox, a savvy and very much in-demand business consultant who also happens to be my sister.

The conversation stemmed from the observation that in all aspects of life, we are marketing ourselves, whether we know it or not. Those who fail to recognize this fact are doomed. Well, maybe not doomed. But they certainly won’t be living up to their potential.

Let’s say you’re about to go out on a blind date. Do you dress in a prim buttoned up sweater set, khakis and brown loafers? … Read the rest…

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By Association

“It’s who you know.”

This may be true. But in a lot of cases, it’s also “who knows you.”

So, how do we become known? How do we establish ourselves as members of an industry or a community?

Social media is one way. We join Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a myriad of other social media networks, to create a presence on the web and become a known entity, a thought leader. And that’s fine. It works and it has its place.

But for all of its whizbang ability to connect us to people all the way around the world, the … Read the rest…

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For the past few days, I’ve been struggling with trying to make my Apple computer operate in the PC world. It has not been fun. Some software just isn’t made for a Mac. And some Mac software just doesn’t play nice with PCs.  Yet, because a project I’m working on is a collaboration with folks on PCs, I’ve had to spend hours languishing in telephone service desk limbo to get the kinks worked out. I’m nearly there. I have hope.

I’ve been an Apple/Mac evangelist since 1988. I started in desktop publishing, which, at the time was the term for … Read the rest…

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Life is a Relationship Business

I’ve been having a lot of coffee lately. Not because I need a caffeine fix, but as a vehicle to meet with other people. The “let’s meet for coffee” kind of coffee. Which for me, it’s not even coffee at all. It’s Chai Tea. But that’s another story…

Over the course of all of these coffee meetings, it’s become increasingly apparent that marketing and growing a business is all about relationships. You could be the very best widget maker in the world, but if you have no one to sell those widgets to, all of your skill means nothing.

As … Read the rest…

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