How a New Haircut (& Everything Else) is About Marketing

Marketing is about more than just advertising. It’s about creating a perception. Find out how in this article that I wrote for PR Daily, the leading blog for PR and marketing professionals …

How a New Haircut (& Everything Else) is About Marketing

by Stacie Zinn Roberts

I got a haircut last week. My stylist lopped off eight inches of hair. Eight inches.

I sucked in my breath when she handed me the first wet, orphaned clump. Too late now, I said, as she kept right on snipping. She shaped my formerly long, somewhat unruly auburn locks into a sassy, wavy bob. The hair that had once hung down between my shoulder blades now curled just under my ears.

A few hours later, I debuted my look at a business function, and I found the reception to my transformation a bit surprising. One of my friends actually jumped up and down shrieking, “Oh my God! I love it!” Another friend couldn’t stop touching my hair and cooed how much more professional I looked—and younger, too.

Which got me thinking how much a haircut says about marketing. Not fashion. Not vanity. Marketing.


Stacie Zinn Roberts is an award-winning writer, speaker, marketing consultant and the author of "How to Live Your Passion & Fulfill Your Dreams." Her firm, What's Your Avocado?, is based in Mount Vernon, Washington.

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