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What’s Your Avocado? In turf & agricultural marketing, it’s the brand.

By implementing the What’s Your Avocado? concept, our team uncovers that shining element that makes a brand stand out in the marketplace. To further develop and nurture that uniqueness, we create strategic marketing and public relations plans that elevate a product or company to success.

Stacie Zinn Roberts is a nationally recognized expert in turf and agricultural marketing and public relations. Her company, What’s Your Avocado?, is an award-winning firm with clients in turf, golf, lawn care & real estate, plus various commodity and product groups within agriculture. Based in the world-renown agricultural hub of Mount Vernon, in Skagit Valley, Washington, Stacie and her team have successfully marketed ag-related products, companies and organizations, and won dozens of national awards for agricultural marketing and public relations programs. The most notable awards are: the United Nations Environmental Program award for retail environmental marketing, and the Turf & Ornamental Communicators Association’s Gardner Award for best marketing communications/writing. Roberts has an in-depth understanding of agriculture’s issues and challenges. She served, for six years, on the board of the Florida Turfgrass Association. She spearheads all client projects, directing her team of talented PR professionals, graphic designers and web programmers to produce messaging and images that effectively communicate a client’s mission, products and purpose.

Award-Winning Marketing & Publicity Services:

  • Branding
  • Marketing strategy plans
  • Public relations & earned media placement
  • Event planning
  • Press conferences
  • Press kits
  • Website design & programming
  • Graphic design: logos, web, brochures and collateral
  • Trade show booths and banners
  • Social media campaigns
  • Content marketing


A Few Client Marketing Examples …

Sample list of turf & agriculture-related clients:

• Performance Nutrition: fertilizer & soil amendments, NJ

 Irrigation Association: national agricultural industry association, DC

• Hunter Industries: irrigation equipment manufacturer, CA

• Knutzen Farms: potatoes, WA

 Bladerunner Farms: turfgrass, TX

• Hawaiian Turfgrass: turfgrass, HI

• Riverside Farm: turfgrass, VA

 Sod Solutions: turfgrass, SC

 Team Zoysia: turfgrass, TX

• The Turfgrass Group: turfgrass, GA

• All Seasons Turf Grass: turfgrass, TX

• Environmental Turf: turfgrass, FL

• Doguet Ventures: turfgrass, TX


Don’t worry if you’re not in agriculture. We regularly interview prospective clients in various industries and find we can often be a good fit to help you and your company succeed!

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