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Performance Nutrition:
Website Development

A fertilizer company with a sustainability mission, Performance Nutrition, a division of LidoChem, Inc., continues to change how golf courses and sports fields manage their turf by replacing synthetic products with environmentally-friendly solutions. In agriculture, Performance Nutrition is a leader in crop protection and soil amendment technology that feeds the soil and increases yields.   

WYA recently launched a new website for Performance Nutrition that serves two distinct markets: turf and ag. The site makes the massive catalog of products easily maneuverable so end-users can find the product they need to solve their issue quickly and efficiently. Interactive maps connect customers to local distributors for purchase information. Testimonials, News, and Events sections are presented in a visual navigation format.

Social Media:

Since taking over the Performance Nutrition social media accounts, engagement has increased by 100%. Campaigns designed to educate about PN’s “eco-safe” products, tying PN products to trends and research, along with a little bit of fun, keep the PN social community actively sharing.


Media Relations

Performance Nutrition products are regularly featured in trade publications targeted at key customers: farmers and turf managers.

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