TamStar™ St. Augustinegrass was produced using advanced turf breeding technologies pioneered by Texas A&M AgriLife Research in Dallas. Rigorous testing over 12 years produced this unique variety that takes into account every weather condition and climatic zone of the Southern U.S. The result is in a natural, hardy, beautiful turf that is perfectly suited to the demands of the South. 

Texas A&M

Logo Creation

The role of What’s Your Avocado? Marketing & Public Relations was to create a full branding and marketing programs to raise awareness of this grass to consumers and homeowners who will want it in their lawns, and to landscapers and installers who will want to sell it to their clients. In place are a new logo and tagline we developed that positions TamStar to consumers as “Your Texas Lawn.” We designed trade show booth materials, and print and digital ads. 


TamStar Brand Standards:

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