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The University of Georgia’s Team UGA is a recognized leader in the arena of seashore paspalum turfgrass breeding and research. When Dr. Paul Raymer, on behalf of the university’s research foundation and other affiliated organizations, contacted What’s Your Avocado?, there were more than a half-dozen websites and web portals that contained partial information on UGA’s seashore paspalum grasses and programs. Dr. Raymer expressed a market need to create one central website for turf industry influencers—superintendents, sports turf managers, architects, sports field managers and golf course builders, golf course owners, municipalities—and the general public, to find comprehensive information on the UGA seashore paspalum breeding program and its grasses. Known for her eight-years spent marketing SeaDwarf seashore paspalum, Team UGA selected Stacie Zinn Roberts and What’s Your Avocado? to write the content for the new website and design it as the comprehensive home for all things seashore paspalum. The result is a site affiliated with the University of Georgia system at :  www.seashorepaspalum.uga.edu


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January 3, 2018