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The Wardroom onboard a Navy vessel is the private room for higher-ranking officers, a place where those in management positions gather to rest, take meals, and discuss matters. In the Wardroom, leadership is nurtured and camaraderie grows. Founded by Kevin Meenaghan, a former Navy pilot and officer, Wardroom Success Strategies offers professional organizations The Wardroom Experience through methodologies that foster leadership, build teams, and deliver stronger professional cultures.


What’s Your Avocado? Marketing & Public Relations identified the client’s Avocado, (his Navy career coupled with his unique skills in fostering leadership techniques), and created his company name. From there we wrote the Brand Story, developed the logo. and all brand standards. We set the stage for his overall messaging and business approach. He could have just created “Meenaghan Consulting” but by branding his company, his firm stands out. The name conveys purpose and passion. And when he tells people the company name, it’s not only memorable, but a conversation starter. People want to know the story behind the name, which gives him the opportunity to tell his story and sell his services.



To see the full Brand Strategy, download the Brand Book.


WardroomSuccess.com tells the Brand Story, outlines the company’s services, and touts its many certifications in order to educate potential customers as to why Wardroom Success Strategies is the right consultancy for human resources managers at non-profits and organizations of all sizes.

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