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If you’ve got a great product or service, but are unsure of how to get the right marketing message out to potential customers …

If you want to drive more sales but don’t know where to start with advertising …

If you don’t know what to name your product or how to explain it in the marketplace …

If your product cries out for a brand image that tells your story and explains your unique value proposition …

If you need marketing materials for trade shows, brochures or a website but don’t know how to get it done …

These tools can help!

The What’s Your Avocado? Workbook

Every person, every product, every company has something about them that’s special. We call that unique element your Avocado. When you understand your Avocado and share it with potential customers, you’re being authentic. When you tell your story authentically to your ideal target customer, you connect with them on a deeper level. That connection gives you a better chance to make a sale, inspire action and achieve success. This workbook is designed to help you to brainstorm and identify your Avocado.

You’ll Explore:
• What makes your product, service or company special
• Why customers want to work with you instead of your competition
• How to design your brand to tell your unique company or product story


Learn how the What’s Your Avocado? concept applies
to your business and your life.


by Stacie Zinn Roberts,
founder of What’s Your Avocado? 
Marketing & Public Relations

In business, and in life, the key to success is authenticity. When you express who you are as a person, or what makes your product or business unique, you’re much more likely to be successful.

How to Live Your Passion & Fulfill Your Dreams offers quick & easy, step-by-step instructions to help you define your life’s purpose and create a plan to make your dreams come true. The book also offers first-person accounts of people who have achieved elevated levels of success in pursuit of their aspirations and dreams. In this book you’ll learn how to: define your life’s purpose, create a personal vision statement, create a personal strategic plan, positive self talk to quiet that mean voice in your head, three ways to meditation, journaling, how to apply the What’s Your Avocado? Concept to your life. How to Live Your Passion & Fulfill Your Dreams explores the What’s Your Avocado? Concept, a methodology by which you can get back in touch with the person you once were, rediscover the dreams and aspirations left behind, and set out on a new path of healing, happiness, and hope.


What’s Your Avocado? Marketing & Public Relations can help you to:

Name your company or product
Write your brand story
Design your logo & branding
Program your website
Create handouts, brochures, trade show materials, business cards and any other  marketing materials you might need to reach your customers
Develop traditional & digital marketing campaigns, advertising, social media  & PR strategies to help you tell your unique Avocado story

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