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How to Get Out of a Bad Situation – What you can learn from a cat up a tree

By Stacie Zinn Roberts

Early this morning, our cat, Penny, got herself stuck up high in a tree. My husband, Rob, found her, mewling and crying in loud, pitiful howls. The tree was a tall, young cedar that Rob had limbed up well above our roofline. She’d climbed so high up into the leafy tree canopy, the only indication she was there at all was an orange tail flicking amongst the greenery—that, and of course, the howling.

Rob climbed the tree and tried to grab her but screamed out in a wail that only cats can make, and she hissed … Read the rest…

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How to Overcome Fear

In 1988, Helen Thayer walked away from civilization and toward the North Pole, with just her dog, Charlie, for support. She hiked 364 miles in 27 days over snow and ice, and under the constant threat of polar bear attack. She braved minus 50-degree weather, hunger and thirst, loneliness and fatigue. She was the first woman to hike or ski to the magnetic North Pole alone. She was 50 years old.

To hear Thayer talk about it now, nearly 25 years later, the details are still harrowing. Her bravery, unfathomable.

That doesn’t mean that she did not feel fear. Thayer … Read the rest…

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