Local Store is First Retailer on the West Coast to Carry New Book

by | Mar 15, 2014 | News

Mount Vernon, WA, March 14, 2014: The Root Cellar Gift Shop at Skagit Valley Gardens, located at 18923 Peter Johnson Road in Mount Vernon, is the very first retailer on the US West Coast to carry the new book by local author, Stacie Zinn Roberts. The book, How to Live Your Passion & Fulfill Your Dreams, is a self-help book earning rave reviews.

Award-winning Author Stacie Zinn Roberts is based in Mount Vernon, Washington. She is the host of Live Your Passion TV, and hosts personal empowerment workshops and retreats around the country through her company, What’s Your Avocado?

How to Live Your Passion & Fulfill Your Dreams explores the What’s Your Avocado? Personal Empowerment Concept, developed by Stacie Zinn Roberts, that is a methodology by which readers can get back in touch with the person they once were, rediscover the dreams and aspirations left behind, and set out on a new path of healing, happiness and hope.

Through this groundbreaking book, learn how everyone has something about them that’s special. Roberts calls that unique element, Your Avocado. The key is to find Your Avocado and express it. To do just that, readers work through a series of exercises and devise a personal strategic plan to change their lives. The book also offers first-person accounts of celebrities, artists and entrepreneurs who have achieved elevated levels of success in pursuit of their aspirations and dreams.

How to Live Your Passion & Fulfill Your Dreams is also available through www.Amazon.com and www.liveyourpassiontv.com in print or, soon to come, Kindle versions.

Praise for Stacie Zinn Roberts, Live Your Passion and What’s Your Avocado?

“This is the best book of its kind I have ever read and believe me, I’ve read and reviewed more personal advice books than elephants have had runny noses.”
~ Hubert O’Hearn, By the Book Reviews

“I was struck several times by the quality of the insights shared and the usefulness of the exercises suggested.”
~ Brigid Anderson, Live Your Passion retreat attendee

“Thank you, Stacie. You are certainly meant to do this work.”
~ Danielle Van Hyfte, Live Your Passion retreat attendee

“Living my passion has always been my goal, even as that passion has taken on different shapes over the years … thank you for reinforcing this for me.”
~ Ann Gawith, Executive Director, La Pine Chamber of Commerce, Oregon

“When I was losing focus and contentment in my life, this book inspired me and brought me back to my priority….. of living for me in a wonderful way.”
~ Reader Sheryl Rosen, Siesta Key, Florida

“Enlightening, life changing and so empowering! Beautifully written in such a down to earth way! A definite must read!”
~ Reader Amy Rapp, Sedro-Woolley, Washington

About the Author

Stacie Zinn Roberts, author of How to Live Your Passion & Fulfill Your Dreams, is an award-wining writer, motivational speaker and the host of Live Your Passion TV. Based in Mount Vernon, Washington, she invested more than a decade to perform research, explore new thought and spiritual concepts, and conduct personal interviews to create a common-sense approach to help readers live their passion and fulfill their dreams. She conducts workshops and retreats around the country through her company, What’s Your Avocado?