How to Look More Professional on Zoom Calls & Videos: Get a Virtual Image Makeover

by | Apr 4, 2020 | Empowering, General, Marketing

How to Look More Professional on Zoom Calls & Videos: Get a Virtual Image Makeover


A few weeks ago, I recorded a video. I wanted to get some information out about how business owners should craft their messaging regarding the Coronavirus. I was in a hurry and I didn’t think about what the video should look like. All I was really concerned about was getting that information out right away. Big mistake.

Poor Video Quality Diminishes the Message

 When I shot the video, I thought the messaging was really good. It was important information. Unfortunately, the video looked awful. The lighting was poor with weird shadows across my face, the audio was echoing and I was pressed flat against a wall. But because I was in a hurry, I went ahead and put it out on YouTube. and send it to clients. 

I should not have done that, and I knew it. Because no matter how good the information, if you’re shooing a video, people are looking at it. The image must support the message, not take away from it. 


Virtual Image Makeover

A friend of mine, Rebecca Murray, is a terrific videographer and photographer with whom I frequently partner to produce stunning images for my clients. 

Along with being very talented, Rebecca is kind of diplomatically critical, let’s put it that way.

I knew as soon as I put that video out that I was going to get a call from her about how poor my video quality was. So, on a Sunday morning, the phone rang and it was Rebecca.

She tried very hard to be kind, but I knew for sure why she was calling. I saved her the trouble and I owned up to it. Rather than scold me, she offered to help me with a Virtual Image Makeover.

Some of the elements considered in the Virtual Image Makeover were:

  • Lighting
  • Items in camera view in the  space behind me
  • Audio quality
  • Camera quality

The consultation took place over Zoom video chat so that she could see what a video audience would see, and also to practice social distancing. It took less than an hour and truly painless.

The Result

After the Virtual Image Makeover, my videos and Zoom meetings just look better. I didn’t expect to look like a supermodel, because, well, I don’t look like a supermodel. I look like a better version of myself on the video, which is what I wanted. 

Your virtual image is specifically important right now because video is how we’re doing business. With social distancing, this is how we’re seeing each other. We can’t meet with people in person, we have to do it by video, and you want to present a good impression when you’re working with clients and colleagues. You want to look like you’re actually working from home, not lounging in sweatpants. 

A Virtual Image Makeover consultation can give you the confidence that when you are on camera doing your work, that you look as professional as you sound. 

 I’d honestly like to save you from making the same mistake I made. I was embarrassed. I put out something that was a lesser product. And I knew better.

 I thought that if I shared my “oops” moment with you, I could make up for it, and help you in the process. 

To schedule a Virtual Image Makeover, contact Rebecca Murray at Skagit Media Marketing, 

Should you need messaging help or marketing strategy, please contact me, Stacie Zinn Roberts, at What’s Your Avocado? Marketing & Public Relations, 

I look forward to the day when we can meet again in person. But until then, take care of yourself and take care of your virtual image.