Unexpected Wonders

by | Sep 4, 2013 | General

I’m sitting in our backyard on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. The sun is shining. My bare feet tickled in the grass, sunglasses shade my eyes as I type this. There’s a slight breeze. From my vantage point on the hill above our hometown, I can see the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. It’s pretty idyllic.

As I sit here basking in the glow of all this beauty, our cat, Penny, runs by with a live bird in her mouth.

At first I’m horrified. Then, I laugh out loud.

Here I am writing a perfect scene and real life just ran in front of my eyes in the form of one very happy orange cat and one very distressed bird.

Life’s like that. Wonderful, sunny, filled with struggle or triumph—depending on your perspective as cat or bird—and always unexpected.

Which brings me to the reason I sat down to write this blog today. Unexpected wonders, surprises and real life drama unfold as this week I work toward the launch of Live Your Passion TV.  In the past few months, I launched Live Your Passion Radio, and loved it. But it quickly became apparent that the audiences wanted to SEE and hear my guests. They told me so. And the website analytics did, too.

Soon after I posted a video on the What’s Your Avocado website of a workshop I’d given, my Google Rankings shot up through the roof. Viewership of the video was huge as people shared the video with their friends.

After consulting with my own personal expert, Ryan Martin, web guru extraordinaire, together with undoubtedly the best graphic designer I have ever met, Cynthia Levesque, we hatched a plan to provide the same type of inspirational content we’d had on the radio show but in the format the audience really wants to receive it in, which is video. My many years as a marketing consultant have taught me that you must give people the information they want in the way they want to receive it. So, we decided to move Live Your Passion to a video format.

I will freely admit that to me, a 40-something woman, the idea of launching a video show, well, kinda freaked me out. That meant not only having to do a good job of interviewing interesting and inspiring people, I also had to look decent while doing it. Whoa. I stressed for a while over hair and makeup, camera angles and wardrobe until Ryan gave me a good talking to. He said that people don’t want to see movie stars on their videocasts. They want to see real people. Someone they can identify with. Someone authentic, who has a message but mostly someone who is human. Well, I’m here to tell ya, I certainly am that. Human as human can be.

In fact, it’s my own humanity, my failures and successes, my very human journey that led me to create the What’s Your Avocado? concept and Live Your Passion in the first place.

So, here, I submit to you, the next chapter in the Live Your Passion story. The new online TV show launches tomorrow, Thursday, September 5th. We’ve got four shows done already, and gosh, the guests are smart, encouraging, fun and informative. One of my greatest joys is meeting someone who knocks my socks off, someone who has a powerful message to share, and getting to introduce them to a larger audience.

Please join me each week at LiveYourPassionTV.com. Please subscribe to the Live Your Passion You Tube channel and share the video freely on the your own Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. If you’ll help me spread the message, I promise, I won’t fret, too much, about how my hair looks.