Stacie Zinn Roberts of What’s Your Avocado? Marketing & Public Relations was recruited as one of the founding subject matter experts on BRND-TV, a new digital video streaming resource for information on building and promoting your brand. The online platform launched worldwide on October 22nd at BRNDTV.com.

BRND-TV features more than 60 experts who provide actionable tactics and strategies for branding, sales, lead generation, social media, content marketing, SEO, business strategy and more.

Stacie Zinn Roberts shares her expertise in a video that offers 3 Tips for Creating Effective Emails. The video streams for FREE at: https://www.brndtv.com/authors/stacie-zinn-roberts

Access to the  BRND-TV platform is free but requires registration.

About What’s Your Avocado? Marketing & Public Relations

What’s Your Avocado? Marketing & Public Relations creates messaging, marketing, public relations and advertising campaigns for a national audience. The firm serves clients nationwide, with a focus on the agricultural, turf, landscape, golf and real estate industries. By the way, the Avocado? It’s the element that makes a person, product or company special. What’s Your Avocado? helps clients to find their avocado and express it in the marketplace, thereby building a recognizable brand and a successful business. What’s Your Avocado? Marketing & Public Relations is headquartered in Mount Vernon, WA.  360-428-2878, whatsyouravocado.com