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As my life gets busier and more hectic, I keep coming back to the thought that I need to choose my priorities carefully. In my last incarnation, in a version of me I’ve outgrown and left behind for good, my priorities were completely out of whack. I thought that my work was my life. That my job defined me. That I was the byline under the title of any article I wrote.  That working six and seven days a week was a measure of my worth, my contribution, my value.

I was wrong.

These days, I see life with a new perspective. I am still incredibly driven. I still work too much, too many hours, think about jobs and assignments and clients way more than I should. As do most business owners, I’m sure.

But when I look at my husband, these days I know where my priorities lie. I say to him that I’ve got to finish this project and then I’m all yours. And you know what I do? I finish the project, turn out the office light, and spend time with him.

Of course, this is easier said than done. There are always the pressures of deadlines and expectations. But what I’ve come to understand is that there will always be deadlines and expectations. No matter how many projects I finish, there will always be one more. I’ve learned to do the very best I can on the project due now, and then move on. There will always be another project, another deadline, another job.

What will not come again will be this moment. Breathe in. Breathe out. What will  not come again will be this one moment in time to look into the eyes of the man I love and smile at him.

No deadline, no byline, no project nor award will ever give me the feeling I get when I am fully present with the people I love.

Work pays for life. Work gives us purpose in our day. Work allows us to share with others our gifts in exchange for currency. The currency pays the bills, keeps the lights on and feeds our families.

But the priority, the thing that means the most, is the time I take to connect with those I’ve chosen to share my life with: my husband, my family, my friends. This must be the priority. At the top of my To Do list must be this: Live my life.

If or when I fail to remember that, I give you my permission to remind me.






  1. Andrea Carroll

    After so many years, you realize that there are more important things in life. Everyday is a day to cherish and life your life to the fullest. If you need to work, fine….but, you have to live and love too.

  2. Cynthia Levesque

    This article was so personal and refreshing Stacie. It is so true. I think that if we set REASONABLE goals for ourselves and hold ourselves accountable every day we will always find “me time” and still be successful. The key word here is REASONABLE. I think we all have a tendency to bite off more than we can chew and then everyone else around us suffers because we can’t leave our office until 10pm. We just have to keep that to once a week and we should be okay (smile!).

  3. Rebecca Murray

    So timely. I was just thinking about the importance of having a ‘powering down’ procedure (to spend focused time with my husband and dogs) yesterday afternoon! Thank you. This helps.