The Will to Succeed

by | May 3, 2013 | Empowering, General | 3 comments

I have a poster on my office wall from a company I admire. Lululemon Athletica is based in Vancouver, Canada, and creates athletic wear for women. But they don’t just sell just clothing, they sell an idea. And that idea is that we are all powerful, that we have the strength, the spark within us, to be who we want to be. There are a lot of truisms packed into this poster, but the one that stands out to me today says this:

Successful people replace the words “wish”, “should” & “try” with “I WILL”.

This “I WILL” statement leaves no room for doubt. There is no waffling here. When we say, “I WILL”, it means we’re serious and we’d better get cracking.

A good way to move toward any goal is to tell others about it. I’m not suggesting we share our dreams and goals with just anyone. There’s a real danger in sharing hopes with naysayers. Gosh, that’s the easiest way to crash your ship against the rocks. But when we share our goals with people whom we know will be supportive, who will ask the right questions to help our ideas blossom, who will be in our corner, the “I WILL” becomes more real. It creates an air of accountability. Once we tell someone “I WILL”, we risk embarrassment and humiliation should we fail to, in the very least, make the effort.

The “I WILL” statement forces us to take charge of our lives. It’s so easy to blame the economy, our childhood or the weather for our woes. But when we say “I WILL”, it’s all on us. We take responsibility for our lives. We own up to our mistakes. We make our own choices. We move ahead knowing that, as Frankie sang, “I did it my way.” How liberating to know that win or lose, triumph or tragedy, we are the master of our own lives?

“I WILL” makes us fully human. It keeps us present right here, right now. When we commit to “I WILL”, we often find that the road rises to meet our feet. We plan the work, and we work the plan. “I WILL” is nothing short of a liberation from the chains of mediocrity, from wishing our lives away.

So, I challenge you to think about what it is you truly want in your life.  Say “I WILL” to your dream. Make a plan, take the steps to make it a reality. Go out and get it. WILL YOU start today?





  1. Andrea Carroll

    Another interesting blog Stacie … excellent advice and so true!

  2. Rebecca Murray

    I’ve never been inside the store, but my sister LOVES it. Now I will have to check it out! Great post.