Why Everything is About Marketing

by | Dec 9, 2012 | Marketing | 2 comments

Everything is about marketing. I had this discussion the other day with Leanne Zinn-Cox, a savvy and very much in-demand business consultant who also happens to be my sister.

The conversation stemmed from the observation that in all aspects of life, we are marketing ourselves, whether we know it or not. Those who fail to recognize this fact are doomed. Well, maybe not doomed. But they certainly won’t be living up to their potential.

Let’s say you’re about to go out on a blind date. Do you dress in a prim buttoned up sweater set, khakis and brown loafers? Or do you wear a red dress with a plunging neckline and spiked high heels? Either choice tells the person you’re about to meet something about you before you even open your mouth. Right? The church lady outfit sends one message. The cleavage, another. What message you choose to send is up to you.

In marketing terms, dressing for a date is just like packaging a product. Before we pull that Pepsi can or box of Tide off the shelf, the package has already told us something about what’s inside.

The same can be said about your behavior. If you commit to a meeting, do you show up on time? Or do you arrive late and slip out early?

At a seminar, do you give the person speaking your undivided attention? Or do you check your email on your smartphone under the table during the presentation?

Both behaviors say something about you. What would you like that to be?

When you make a new friend, do you wait for them to call you? Or do you set up a time to meet for drinks and appetizers?

If we really examine our daily lives in marketing terms, the exercise begs the question: Would you buy your personal brand?

Do you dress, speak, and behave in a way that reflects who you really are or would like to be perceived as being?

Are you consistent in how you present yourself to the outside world?

Do your choices demonstrate that you’re committed to your profession? Your relationships? Your reputation?

Everyday, with every action and every interaction, we are telling the world who we are. Is the image you’re projecting the person you really want to be?

If not, perhaps it’s time to design a new marketing campaign. The real product you’re selling in the commercial we call life … is you.


  1. Andrea Carroll

    Interesting…food for thought!!

    • Cynthia

      Smart, smart article. Thank you Stacie. You are the marketing motivator!