A Change of Season

by | Oct 22, 2012 | Empowering | 1 comment

I love the change of seasons. It proves the natural rhythm of things. After 25 years in Florida where it’s always perfect, and the years just run together in an endless sea of blue skies, now I welcome the cold, the rain, the snow. I know now I’m moving through life. That things change. That life moves on. The seasons demonstrate a pace of death and rebirth, a promise that something new is always around the corner. Yes, lovely weather is always just that, lovely. But I think the endless parade of sameness, for me, bred atrophy. Here, where every day is new, where daily challenges with weather arise and fall, where leaves turn red and yellow and orange and the mountains enshrouded by mist appear and disappear as if by magic, I am myself renewed. Bring on the winter. Bring on the snow. I know the spring and the tulips will follow. And a new, vibrant version of me will follow, too.

1 Comment

  1. Andrea Carroll

    Very descriptive but for this Florida Woman….give me sunshine, flowers, and the warmth of each new day.