Hard to Say

by | Oct 25, 2012 | Writing | 2 comments

These past few days I’ve been working on a script for a national convention. While rewarding, it’s not been overly compelling stuff.

Until now.

Just now, I wrote a section of the script where a well-respected member of the industry was slated to receive an award. But before he could accept it, he unexpectedly died.

That’s sad enough, yes.

But the speaker I’m writing the speech for had been friends with the award winner for 17 years. They’d worked together. Their desks were side-by-side.

This is delicate stuff.

How do I write something respectful? Appropriate? Enough?

So, I interviewed the speaker. I asked him how he felt about his friend. And I told his story. I used the desks side-by-side imagery.

At the end, I drew from a quote that the award winner himself had written to the association upon finding out he’d won the award. He thanked the association for recognizing “his life’s work.”

His life’s work.

Writing it, I cried.

I hope the speaker can get through the speech.

I hope the crowd can hear it.

I  hope it helps the family at least for one moment.

And today I’m so grateful for the small pieces of honor and love I get to put back into the universe through the written, and now spoken, word.


  1. Andrea Carroll

    You really put you heart into writing and it is obvious in your written words.